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Publications de l'ARN depuis 1992

Akbergenov R., Duscha S., Fritz A.K., Juskeviciene R., Oishi N., Schmitt K., Shcherbakov D., Teo Y., Boukari H., Freihofer P., Isnard-Petit P., Oettinghaus B., Frank S., Thiam K., Rehrauer H., Westhof E., Schacht J., Eckert A., Wolfer D., Böttger E.C.
Mutant MRPS5 affects mitoribosomal accuracy and confers stress-related behavioral alterations
EMBO Rep 2018, 19(11), e46193

Autour A., C Y Jeng S., D Cawte A., Abdolahzadeh A., Galli A., Panchapakesan SSS., Rueda D., Ryckelynck M., Unrau P.J.
Fluorogenic RNA Mango aptamers for imaging small non-coding RNAs in mammalian cells
Nat Commun 2018, 9(1), 656

Bortolamiol-Bécet D., Monsion B., Chapuis S., Hleibieh K., Scheidecker D., Alioua A., Bogaert F., Revers F., Brault V., Ziegler-Graff V.
Phloem-Triggered Virus-Induced Gene Silencing Using a Recombinant Polerovirus
Front Microbiol 2018, 9, 2449

Bouhedda F., Autour A., Ryckelynck M.
Light-Up RNA Aptamers and Their Cognate Fluorogens: From Their Development to Their Applications
Int J Mol Sci 2018, 19(1), 44

Cela M., Paulus C., Santos M.A.S., Moura G.R., Frugier M., Rudinger-Thirion J.
Plasmodium apicoplast tyrosyl-tRNA synthetase recognizes an unusual, simplified identity set in cognate tRNATyr
PLoS One 2018, 13(12), e0209805

Chameettachal A., Pillai V.N., Ali L.M., Pitchai F.N.N., Ardah M.T., Mustafa F., Marquet R., Rizvi T.A.
Biochemical and Functional Characterization of Mouse Mammary Tumor Virus Full-Length Pr77Gag Expressed in Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Cells
Viruses 2018, 10(6), 334

Creugny A., Fender A., Pfeffer S.
Regulation of primary-microRNA processing
FEBS Lett 2018, 592(12), 1980-1996

D'Ascenzo L., Vicens Q., Auffinger P.
Identification of receptors for UNCG and GNRA Z-turns and their occurrence in rRNA
Nucleic Acids Res 2018, 46(15), 7989-7997

de Wijn R., Hennig O., Ernst F.G.M., Lorber B., Betat H., Mörl M., Sauter C.
Combining crystallogenesis methods to produce diffraction-quality crystals of a psychrophilic tRNA-maturation enzyme
Acta Crystallogr F Struct Biol Commun 2018, 74(Pt 11), 747-753

Dubois N., Khoo K. K., Ghossein S., Seissler T., Wolff P., McKinstry W. J., Mak J., Paillart J. C., Marquet R., Bernacchi S.
The C-terminal p6 domain of the HIV-1 Pr55Gag precursor is required for specific binding to the genomic RNA
RNA Biol 2018, 15(7), 923-936

Dubois N., Marquet R., Paillart J.C., Bernacchi S.
Retroviral RNA dimerization: from structure to functions
Front Microbiol 2018, 9, 527

El Meshri S.E., Boutant E., Mouhand A., Thomas A., Larue V., Richert L., Vivet-Boudou V., Mély Y., Tisné C., Muriaux D., de Rocquigny H.
The NC domain of HIV-1 Gag contributes to the interaction of Gag with TSG101
Biochim Biophys Acta-Gen Subj 2018, 1862(6), 1421-1431

Eriani G., Martin F.
START: STructure-Assisted RNA Translation
RNA Biol 2018, 15(9), 1250-1253

Ferhadian D., Contrant M., Printz-Schweigert A., Smyth R.P., Paillart J.C., Marquet R.
Structural and functional motifs in influenza virus RNAs
Front Microbiol 2018, 9, 599

Girardi E., López P., Pfeffer S.
On the Importance of Host MicroRNAs During Viral Infection
Front Genet 2018, 9, 439

González-Serrano L.E., Karim L., Pierre F., Schwenzer H., Rotig A., Munnich A., Sissler M.
Three human aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases have distinct sub-mitochondrial localizations that are unaffected by disease-associated mutations
J Biol Chem 2018, 293(35), 13604-13615

Gross L, Schaeffer L., Alghoul F., Hayek H., Allmang C., Eriani G., Martin F.
Tracking the m7G-cap during translation initiation by crosslinking methods
Methods 2018, 137, 3-10

Hemmer C., Djennane S., Ackerer L., Hleibieh K., Marmonier A., Gersch S., Garcia S., Vigne E., Komar V., Perrin M., Gertz C., Belval L., Berthold F., Monsion B., Schmitt-Keichinger C., Lemaire O., Lorber B., Gutiérrez C., Muyldermans S., Demangeat G., Ritzenthaler C.
Nanobody-mediated resistance to Grapevine fanleaf virus in plants
Plant Biotechnol J 2018, 16(2), 660-671

Hoernes T.P., Faserl K., Juen M.A., Kremser J., Gasser C., Fuchs E., Shi X., Siewert A., Lindner H., Kreutz C., Micura R., Joseph S., Höbartner C., Westhof E., Hüttenhofer A., Erlacher M.D.
Translation of non-standard codon nucleotides reveals minimal requirements for codon-anticodon interactions
Nat Commun 2018, 9(1), 4865

Hosseini M., Roy P., Sissler M., Zirbel C. L., Westhof E., Leontis N.
How to fold and protect mitochondrial ribosomal RNA with fewer guanines
Nucleic Acids Res 2018, 46(20), 10946-10968

Jühling T., Duchardt-Ferner E., Bonin S., Wöhnert J., Pütz J., Florentz C., Betat H., Sauter C., Mörl M.
Small but large enough: structural properties of armless mitochondrial tRNAs from the nematode Romanomermis culicivorax
Nucleic Acids Res 2018, 46(17), 9170-9180

Keller P., Freund I., Marchand V., Bec G., Huang R., Motorin Y., Eigenbrod T., Dalpke A., Helm M.
Double methylation of tRNA-U54 to 2'-O-methylthymidine (Tm) synergistically decreases immune response by Toll-like receptor 7
Nucleic Acids Res 2018, 46(18), 9764-9775

Lalaouna D., Desgranges E., Caldelari I., Marzi S.
MS2-Affinity Purification Coupled With RNA Sequencing Approach in the Human Pathogen Staphylococcus aureus
Methods Enzymol 2018, 612, 393-411

Lescure A., Baltzinger M., Zito E.
Uncovering the Importance of Selenium in Muscle Disease
Selenium: Series Molecular and Integrative Toxicology (Michalke B. , Ed.) 2018, pp. 345-362 , Springer , New-York

Mailliot J., Martin F.
Viral internal ribosomal entry sites: four classes for one goal
Wiley Interdiscip Rev RNA 2018, 9(2), none

Marek M., Shaik T.B., Heimburg T., Chakrabarti A., Lancelot J., Ramos Morales E., Da Veiga C., Kalinin D.V., Melesina J., Robaa D., Schmidtkunz K., Suzuki T., Holl R., Ennifar E., Pierce R., Jung M., Sippl W., Romier C.
Characterization of histone deacetylase 8 (HDAC8) selective inhibition reveals specific active site structural and functional determinants
J Med Chem 2018, 61(22), 10000-10016

Mustafa F., Vivet-Boudou V., Jabeen A., Ali L.M., Kalloush R.M., Marquet R., Rizvi T.A.
The bifurcated stem loop 4 (SL4) is crucial for efficient packaging of mouse mammary tumor virus (MMTV) genomic RNA
RNA Biol 2018, 15(8), 1047-1059

Patel D., Westhof E.
Editorial overview: Protein nucleic acid interactions: order, ambiguities and disorder in recognition and complex formation between proteins and nucleic acids
Curr Opin Struct Biol 2018, 53, vi-viii

Pellegrino S., Demeshkina N., Mancera-Martinez E., Melnikov S., Simonetti A., Myasnikov A., Yusupov M., Yusupova G., Hashem Y.
Structural insights into the role of diphthamide on elongation factor 2 in messenger RNA reading frame maintenance
J Mol Biol 2018, 430(17), 2677-2687

Pitchai F.N.N., Ali L., Pillai V.N., Chameettachal A., Ashraf S.S., Mustafa F., Marquet R., Rizvi T.A.
Expression, purification, and characterization of biologically active full-length Mason-Pfizer monkey virus (MPMV) Pr78Gag
Sci Rep 2018, 8(1), 11793

Reinharz V., Soulé A., Westhof E., Waldispühl J., Denise A.
Mining for recurrent long-range interactions in RNA structures reveals embedded hierarchies in network families
Nucleic Acids Res 2018, 46(8), 3841-3851

Rozov A., Wolff P., Grosjean H., Yusupov M., Yusupova G., Westhof E.
Tautomeric G*U pairs within the molecular ribosomal grip and fidelity of decoding in bacteria
Nucleic Acids Res 2018, 46(14), 7425-7435

Sakamoto T., Ennifar E., Nakamura Y.
Thermodynamic study of aptamers binding to their target proteins
Biochimie 2018, 145, 91-97

Smyth R.P., Negroni M., Lever A.M., Mak J., Kenyon J.C.
RNA Structure-A Neglected Puppet Master for the Evolution of Virus and Host Immunity
Front Immunol 2018, 9, 2097

Smyth R.P., Smith M.R., Jousset A.C., Despons L., Laumond G., Decoville T., Cattenoz P., Moog C., Jossinet F., Mougel M., Paillart J.C., von Kleist M., Marquet R.
In cell mutational interference mapping experiment (in cell MIME) identifies the 5′ polyadenylation signal as a dual regulator of HIV-1 genomic RNA production and packaging
Nucleic Acids Res 2018, 46(9), e57

Stephen P., Ye S., Zhou M., Song J., Zhang R., Wang E.D., Giegé R., Lin S.X.
Structure of Escherichia coli Arginyl-tRNA Synthetase in Complex with tRNAArg: Pivotal Role of the D-loop
J Mol Biol 2018, 430(11), 1590-1606

Tabet R., Schaeffer L., Freyermuth F., Jambeau M., Workman M., Lee C.Z., Lin C.C., Jiang J., Jansen-West K., Abou-Hamdan H., Désaubry L., Gendron T., Petrucelli L., Martin F., Lagier-Tourenne C.
CUG initiation and frameshifting enable production of dipeptide repeat proteins from ALS/FTD C9ORF72 transcript
Nat Commun 2018, 9(1), 152

Tosar J.P., Gámbaro F., Darré L., Pantano S., Westhof E., Cayota A.
Dimerization confers increased stability to nucleases in 5' halves from glycine and glutamic acid tRNAs
Nucleic Acids Res 2018, 46(17), 9081-9093

Trachman R.J. 3rd, Abdolahzadeh A., Andreoni A., Cojocaru R., Knutson J.R., Ryckelynck M., Unrau P.J., Ferré-D'Amaré A.R.
Crystal Structures of the Mango-II RNA Aptamer Reveal Heterogeneous Fluorophore Binding and Guide Engineering of Variants with Improved Selectivity and Brightness
Biochemistry 2018, 57(26), 3544-3548

André C., Martiel I., Wolff P., Landolfo M., Lorber B., Silva da Veiga C., Dejaegere A., Dumas P., Guichard G., Olieric V., Wagner J.G., Burnouf D.Y.
Interaction of a Model Peptide on Gram Negative and Gram Positive Bacterial Sliding Clamps
ACS Infect Dis 2019, 5(6), 1022-1034

Antoine L., Wolff P., Westhof E., Romby P., Marzi S.
Mapping post-transcriptional modifications in Staphylococcus aureus tRNAs by nanoLC/MSMS
Biochimie 2019, 164, 60-69

Autour A., Bouhedda F., Cubi R., Ryckelynck M.
Optimization of fluorogenic RNA-based biosensors using droplet-based microfluidic ultrahigh-throughput screening
Methods 2019, 161, 46-53

Bronesky D., Desgranges E., Corvaglia A., François P., Caballero C.J., Prado L., Toledo-Arana A., Lasa I., Moreau K., Vandenesch F., Marzi S., Romby P., Caldelari I.
A multifaceted small RNA modulates gene expression upon glucose limitation in Staphylococcus aureus
EMBO J 2019, 38(6), e99363

Chagot M.E., Quinternet M., Rothé B., Charpentier B., Coutant J., Manival X., Lebars I.
The yeast C/D box snoRNA U14 adopts a "weak" K-turn like conformation recognized by the Snu13 core protein in solution
Biochimie 2019, 164, 70-82

de Wijn R., Hennig O., Roche J., Engilberge S., Rollet K., Fernandez-Millan P., Brillet K., Betat H., Mörl M., Roussel A., Girard E., Mueller-Dieckmann C., Fox G.C., Olieric V., Gavira J.A., Lorber B., Sauter C.
A simple and versatile microfluidic device for efficient biomacromolecule crystallization and structural analysis by serial crystallography
IUCrJ 2019, 6(Pt 3), 454-464

Desgranges E., Marzi S., Moreau K., Romby P., Caldelari I.
Noncoding RNA
Microbiol Spectr 2019, 7(2), 1-2

Florentz C., Giegé R.
History of tRNA research in Strasbourg
IUBMB Life 2019, 71(8), 1066-1087

González-Serrano L.E., Chihade J.W., Sissler M.
When a common biological role does not imply common disease outcomes: Disparate pathology linked to human mitochondrial aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases
J Biol Chem 2019, 294(14), 5309-5320

Herzog K., Bandiera S., Pernot S., Fauvelle C., Jühling F., Weiss A., Bull A., Durand S.C., Chane-Woon-Ming B., Pfeffer S., Mercey M., Lerat H., Meunier J.C., Raffelsberger W., Brino L., Baumert T.F., Zeisel M.B.
Functional microRNA screen uncovers O-linked N-acetylglucosamine transferase as a host factor modulating hepatitis C virus morphogenesis and infectivity
Gut 2019, , in press

Jackson C.B., Huemer M., Bolognini R., Martin F., Szinnai G., Donner B.C., Richter U., Battersby B.J., Nuoffer J.M., Suomalainen A., Schaller A.
A variant in MRPS14 (uS14m) causes perinatal hypertrophic cardiomyopathy with neonatal lactic acidosis, growth retardation, dysmorphic features and neurological involvement
Hum Mol Genet 2019, 28(4), 639-649

Janvier A., Despons L., Schaeffer L., Tidu A., Martin F., Eriani G.
A tRNA-mimic Strategy to Explore the Role of G34 of tRNAGly in Translation and Codon Frameshifting
Int J Mol Sci 2019, 20(16), 3911

Kalloush R.M., Vivet-Boudou V., Ali L.M., Pillai V., Mustafa F., Marquet R., Rizvi T.A.
Stabilizing role of structural elements within the 5´ Untranslated Region (UTR) and gag sequences in Mason-Pfizer monkey virus (MPMV) genomic RNA packaging
RNA Biol 2019, 16(5), 612-625

Krishnan A., Pillai V., Chameettachal A., Ali L.M., Nuzra Nagoor Pitchai F., Tariq S., Mustafa F., Marquet R., Rizvi T.A.
Purification and Functional Characterization of a Biologically Active Full-Length Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) Pr50Gag
Viruses 2019, 11(8), 689

Kruse H., Sponer J., Auffinger P.
Comment on "Evaluating Unexpectedly Short Non-covalent Distances in X-ray Crystal Structures of Proteins with Electronic Structure Analysis"
J Chem Inf Model 2019, 59(9), 3605-3608

Lalaouna D., Baude J., Wu Z., Tomasini A., Chicher J., Marzi S., Vandenesch F., Romby P., Caldelari I., Moreau K.
RsaC sRNA modulates the oxidative stress response of Staphylococcus aureus during manganese starvation
Nucleic Acids Res 2019, 47(18), 9871-9887

Leonarski F., D'Ascenzo L., Auffinger P.
Nucleobase carbonyl groups are poor Mg2+ inner-sphere binders but excellent monovalent ion binders - A critical PDB survey
RNA 2019, 25(2), 173-192

López P., Girardi E., Pfeffer S.
[Importance of cellular microRNAs in the regulation of viral infections]
Med Sci (Paris) 2019, 35(8-9), 667-673

Lyonnais S., Sadiq S. K., Lorca-Oró C., Dufau L., Nieto-Marquez S., Escriba T., Gabrielli N., Tan X., Ouizougun-Oubari M., Okoronkwo J., Reboud-Ravaux M., Gatell J. M., Marquet R., Paillart J.C., Meyerhans A., Tisné C., Gorelick R.J., Mirambeau G.
The HIV-1 ribonucleoprotein dynamically regulates its condensate behavior and drives acceleration of protease activity through membrane-less granular phase-separation
2019, BioRxiv 528638 [Preprint] ,

Mailler E., Paillart J.C., Marquet R., Smyth R.P., Vivet-Boudou V.
The evolution of RNA structural probing methods: From gels to next-generation sequencing
Wiley Interdiscip Rev RNA 2019, 10(2), e1518

Meyer B., da Veiga C., Dumas P., Ennifar E.
Thermodynamics of Molecular Machines Using Incremental ITC
Methods Mol Biol 2019, 1964, 129-140

Muñoz E., Sabin J., Rial J., Pérez D., Ennifar E., Dumas P., Piñeiro A.
Thermodynamic and Kinetic Analysis of Isothermal Titration Calorimetry Experiments by Using KinITC in AFFINImeter
Methods Mol Biol 2019, 1964, 225-239

Piñeiro Á., Muñoz E., Sabín J., Costas M., Bastos M., Velázquez-Campoy A., Garrido P.F., Dumas P., Ennifar E., García-Río L., Rial J., Pérez D., Fraga P., Rodríguez A., Cotelo C.
AFFINImeter: A software to analyze molecular recognition processes from experimental data
Anal Biochem 2019, 5(577), 117-134

Riley L.G., Heeney M.M., Rudinger-Thirion J., Frugier M., Campagna D.R., Zhou R., Hale G.A., Hilliard L.M., Kaplan J.A., Kwiatkowski J.L., Sieff C.A., Steensma D.P., Rennings A.J., Simons A., Schaap N., Roodenburg R.J., Kleefstra T., Arenillas L., Fita-Torró J., Ahmed R., Abboud M., Bechara E., Farah R., Tamminga R.Y., Bottomley S.S., Sanchez M., Swinkels D.W., Christodoulou J., Fleming M.D.
The phenotypic spectrum of germline YARS2 variants: from isolated sideroblastic anemia to mitochondrial myopathy, lactic acidosis and sideroblastic anemia 2
Haematologica 2019, 103(12), 2008-2015

Rozov A., Khusainov I., El Omari K., Duman R., Mykhaylyk V., Yusupov M., Westhof E., Wagner A., Yusupova G.
Importance of potassium ions for ribosome structure and function revealed by long-wavelength X-ray diffraction
Nat Commun 2019, 10(1), 2519

Ryckelynck M.
Development and engineering of artificial RNAs
Methods 2019, 161, 1-2

Salinas T., Farouk-Ameqrane S.E., Ubrig E., Sauter C., Duchêne A.M., Maréchal-Drouard L.
Molecular basis for the differential interaction of plant mitochondrial VDAC proteins with tRNAs
Nucleic Acids Res 2019, 47(2), 1048-1049

Schenckbecher E., Meyer B., Ennifar E.
ITC Studies of Ribosome/Antibiotics Interactions
Methods Mol Biol 2019, 1964, 89-98

Trachman R.J. 3rd, Autour A., Jeng S.C.Y., Abdolahzadeh A., Andreoni A., Cojocaru R., Garipov R., Dolgosheina E.V., Knutson J.R., Ryckelynck M., Unrau P.J., Ferré-D'Amaré A.R.
Structure and functional reselection of the Mango-III fluorogenic RNA aptamer
Nat Chem Biol 2019, 15(5), 472-479

Urzhumtseva L., Urzhumtsev A.
py_convrot: rotation conventions, to understand and to apply
J Appl Cryst 2019, 52(4), 869-881

van der Knaap M.S., Bugiani M., Mendes M.I., Riley L.G., Smith D.E.C., Rudinger-Thirion J., Frugier M., Breur M., Crawford J., van Gaalen J., Schouten M., Willems M., Waisfisz Q., Mau-Them F.T., Rodenburg R.J., Taft R.J., Keren B., Christodoulou J., Depienne C., Simons C., Salomons G.S., Mochel F.
Biallelic variants in LARS2 and KARS cause deafness and (ovario)leukodystrophy
Neurology 2019, 92(11), e1225-e1237

Vicens Q., Coumoul X., Souciet J.L.
A forum where french-speaking faculty can exchange research on teaching
Biochem Mol Biol Educ 2019, 47(5), 599-606

Vigouroux A., Aumont-Nicaise M., Boussac A., Marty L., Lo Bello L., Legrand P., Brillet K., Schalk I.J., Moréra S.
A unique ferrous iron binding mode is associated to large conformational changes for the transport protein FpvC of Pseudomonas aeruginosa
FEBS J 2019, , in press

Westhof E., Yusupov M., Yusupova G.
The multiple flavors of GoU pairs in RNA
J Mol Recognit 2019, , e2782