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Publications de l'ARN depuis 1992

Auffinger P., Ennifar E.
Nucleic acid nanomaterials: Silver-wired DNA
Nat Chem 2017, 9(10), 932-934

Bernacchi S., Abd El-Wahab E.W., Dubois N., Hijnen M., Smyth R.P., Mak J., Marquet R., Paillart J.C.
HIV-1 Pr55Gag binds genomic and spliced RNAs with different affinity and stoechiometry
RNA Biol 2017, 14(90), 103

Brito Querido J., Mancera-Martinez E., Vicens Q., Bochler A., Chicher J., Simonetti A., Hashem Y.
The cryo-EM Structure of a Novel 40S Kinetoplastid-Specific Ribosomal Protein
Structure 2017, 25(12), 1785-1794

Caldelari I., Chane-Woon-Ming B., Noirot C., Moreau K., Romby P., Gaspin C., Marzi S.
Complete genome sequence and annotation of the Staphylococcus aureus strain HG001
Genome Announc 2017, 5(32), e00783-17

Cappy P., Moisan A., De Oliveira F., Plantier J.C., Negroni M.
HIV-1 sequences in the epidemic suggest an alternative pathway for the generation of the Long Terminal Repeats
Sci Rep 2017, 7(1), 13715

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Two proteomic methodologies for defining N-termini of mature human mitochondrial aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases
Methods 2017, 113, 111-119

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Mutations in signal recognition particle SRP54 cause syndromic neutropenia with Shwachman-Diamond-like features
J Clin Invest 2017, 127(11), 4090-4103

D'Ascenzo L., Leonarski F., Vicens Q., Auffinger P.
Revisiting GNRA and UNCG folds: U-turns versus Z-turns in RNA hairpin loops
RNA 2017, 23(3), 259-269

Debard S., Bader G., De Craene J.O., Enkler L., Bär S., Laporte D., Myslinski E., Senger B., Friant S., Becker H.D.
Nonconventional localizations of cytosolic aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases in yeast and human cells
Methods 2017, 113, 91-104

Durand S., Braun F., Helfer A.C., Romby P., Condon C.
sRNA-mediated activation of gene expression by inhibition of 5'-3' exonucleolytic mRNA degradation
Elife 2017, 6, e23602

Duval M., Marenna A., Chevalier C., Marzi S.
Site-Directed Chemical Probing to map transient RNA/protein interactions
Methods 2017, 117, 48-58

Eckenfelder A., Ségéral E., Pinzon N., Ulveling D., Amadori C., Charpentier M., Nidelet S., Concordet J.P., Zagury J.F., Paillart J.C., Berlioz-Torrent C., Seitz H., Emiliani S., Gallois-Montbrun S.
Argonaute proteins regulate HIV-1 multiply spliced RNA and viral production in a Dicer independent manner
Nucleic Acids Res 2017, 45(7), 4158-4173

Edelmann F.T., Schlundt A., Heym R.G., Jenner A., Niedner-Boblenz A., Syed M.I., Paillart J.C., Stehle R., Janowski R., Sattler M., Jansen R.P., Niessing D.
Molecular architecture and dynamics of ASH1-mRNA recognition by its mRNA-transport complex
Nat Struct Mol Biol 2017, 24(2), 152-161

Fernandez-Millan P., Autour A., Ennifar E., Westhof E., Ryckelynck M.
Crystal structure and fluorescence properties of the iSpinach aptamer in complex with DFHBI
RNA 2017, 23(12), 1788-1795

Giegé R.
What macromolecular crystallogenesis tells us - what is needed in the future
IUCrJ 2017, 4(Pt 4), 340-349

Gribling-Burrer A.S., Eriani G., Allmang C.
Modification of Selenoprotein mRNAs by Cap Tri-methylation
Methods Mol Biol 2017, 1661, 125-141

Gribling-Burrer A.S., Leichter M., Wurth L., Huttin A., Schlotter F., Troffer-Charlier N., Cura V., Barkats M., Cavarelli J., Massenet S., Allmang C.
SECIS-binding protein 2 interacts with the SMN complex and the methylosome for selenoprotein mRNP assembly and translation
Nucleic Acids Res 2017, 45(9), 5399-5413

Gross L., Vicens Q., Einhorn E., Noireterre A., Schaeffer L., Kuhn L., Imler J.L., Eriani G., Meignin C., Martin F.
The IRES5'UTR of the dicistrovirus cricket paralysis virus is a type III IRES containing an essential pseudoknot structure
Nucleic Acids Res 2017, 45(15), 8993-9004

Haimov O., Sinvani H., Martin F., Ulitsky I., Emmanuel R., Tamarkin-Ben-Harush A., Vardy A., Dikstein R.
Efficient and Accurate Translation Initiation Directed by TISU Involves RPS3 and RPS10e Binding and Differential Eukaryotic Initiation Factor 1A Regulation
Mol Cell Biol 2017, 37(15), e00150-17

Khusainov I., Vicens Q., Ayupov R., Usachev K., Myasnikov A., Simonetti A., Validov S., Kieffer B., Yusupova G., Yusupov M., Hashem Y.
Structures and dynamics of hibernating ribosomes from Staphylococcus aureus mediated by intermolecular interactions of HPF
EMBO J 2017, 36(14), 2073-2087

Khusainov I., Vicens Q., Bochler A., Grosse F., Myasnikov A., Ménétret J.F., Chicher J., Marzi S., Romby P., Yusupova G., Yusupov M., Hashem Y.
Structure of the 70S ribosome from human pathogen Staphylococcus aureus
Nucleic Acids Res 2017, 45(2), 1026

Kobeissy F., Shaito A., Kaplan A., Baki L., Hayek H., Dagher-Hamalian C., Nehme A., Ghali R., Abidi E., Husari A., Zeidan A., Zouein F.A., Zibara K.
Acute Exposure to Cigarette Smoking Followed by Myocardial Infarction Aggravates Renal Damage in an In Vivo Mouse Model
Oxid Med Cell Longev 2017, 2017, 5135241

Kossinova O., Malygin A., Krol A., Karpova G.
Specific Chemical Approaches for Studying Mammalian Ribosomes Complexed with Ligands Involved in Selenoprotein Synthesis
Methods Mol Biol 2017, (1661), 73-92

Lai L.B., Tanimoto A., Lai S.M., Chen W.Y., Marathe I.A., Westhof E., Wysocki V.H., Gopalan V.
A novel double kink-turn module in euryarchaeal RNase P RNAs
Nucleic Acids Res 2017, 45(12), 7432-7440

Leonarski F., D'Ascenzo L., Auffinger P.
Mg2+ ions: do they bind to nucleobase nitrogens?
Nucleic Acids Res 2017, 45(2), 987-1004

Lioliou E., Fechter P., Caldelari I., Jester B.C., Dubrac S., Helfer A.C., Boisset S., Vandenesch F., Romby P., Geissmann T.
RNA Biol 2017, 14(12), 1827

Mailliot J., Martin F.
Viral internal ribosomal entry sites: four classes for one goal
Wiley Interdiscip Rev RNA 2017, 9(2), none

Mancera-Martínez E., Brito Querido J., Valasek L.S., Simonetti A., Hashem Y.
ABCE1: A special factor that orchestrates translation at the crossroad between recycling and initiation
RNA Biol 2017, 14(10), 1279-1285

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RNA-Puzzles Round III: 3D RNA structure prediction of five riboswitches and one ribozyme
RNA 2017, 23(5), 655-672

Miao Z., Westhof E.
RNA Structure: Advances and Assessment of 3D Structure Prediction
Annu Rev Biophys 2017, 46, 483-503

Moulinier L., Ripp R., Castillo G., Poch O., Sissler M.
MiSynPat: an integrated knowledge base linking clinical, genetic, and structural data for disease-causing mutations in human mitochondrial aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases
Hum Mutat 2017, 38(10), 1316-1324

Pinker F., Schelcher C., Fernández-Millán P., Gobert A., Birck C., Thureau A., Roblin P., Giegé P., Sauter C.
Biophysical analysis of Arabidopsis protein-only RNase P alone and in complex with tRNA provides a refined model of tRNA binding
J Biol Chem 2017, 292(34), 13904-13913

Riml C., Lusser A., Ennifar E., Micura R.
Synthesis, Thermodynamic Properties, and Crystal Structure of RNA Oligonucleotides Containing 5-Hydroxymethylcytosine
J Org Chem 2017, 82(15), 7939-7945

Schellenberger P., Sauter C., Lorber B., Bron P., Trapani S., Bergdoll M., Marmonier A., Schmitt-Kelchinger C., Lemaire O., Demangeat G., Ritzenthaler C.
Correction: Structural Insights into Viral Determinants of Nematode Mediated Grapevine fanleaf virus Transmission
PLoS Pathog 2017, 13(3), e1006268

Seissler T., Marquet R., Paillart J.C.
Hijacking of the Ubiquitin/Proteasome Pathway by the HIV Auxiliary Proteins
Viruses 2017, 9(11), 322

Sissler M., González-Serrano L.E., Westhof E.
Recent Advances in Mitochondrial Aminoacyl-tRNA Synthetases and Disease
Trends Mol Med 2017, 23(8), 693-708

Tomasini A., Moreau K., Chicher J., Geissmann T., Vandenesch F., Romby P., Marzi S., Caldelari I.
The RNA targetome of Staphylococcus aureus non-coding RNA RsaA: impact on cell surface properties and defense mechanisms
Nucleic Acids Res 2017, 45(11), 6746-6760

Valasek L.S., Zeman J., Wagner S., Beznoskova P., Pavlíkova Z., Mohammad M.P., Hronova V., Herrmannova A., Hashem Y., Gunisova S.
Embraced by eIF3: structural and functional insights into the roles of eIF3 across the translation cycle
Nucleic Acids Res 2017, 45(19), 10948-10968

Wolff P., Da Veiga C., Ennifar E., Bec G., Guichard G., Burnouf D., Dumas P.
Native ESI Mass Spectrometry Can Help to Avoid Wrong Interpretations from Isothermal Titration Calorimetry in Difficult Situations
J Am Soc Mass Spectrom 2017, 28(2), 347-357

Akbergenov R., Duscha S., Fritz A.K., Juskeviciene R., Oishi N., Schmitt K., Shcherbakov D., Teo Y., Boukari H., Freihofer P., Isnard-Petit P., Oettinghaus B., Frank S., Thiam K., Rehrauer H., Westhof E., Schacht J., Eckert A., Wolfer D., Böttger E.C.
Mutant MRPS5 affects mitoribosomal accuracy and confers stress-related behavioral alterations
EMBO Rep 2018, 19, 11

Autour A., C Y Jeng S., D Cawte A., Abdolahzadeh A., Galli A., Panchapakesan SSS., Rueda D., Ryckelynck M., Unrau P.J.
Fluorogenic RNA Mango aptamers for imaging small non-coding RNAs in mammalian cells
Nat Commun 2018, 9(1), 656

Bortolamiol-Bécet D., Monsion B., Chapuis S., Hleibieh K., Scheidecker D., Alioua A., Bogaert F., Revers F., Brault V., Ziegler-Graff V.
Phloem-Triggered Virus-Induced Gene Silencing Using a Recombinant Polerovirus
Front Microbiol 2018, 9, 2449

Bouhedda F., Autour A., Ryckelynck M.
Light-Up RNA Aptamers and Their Cognate Fluorogens: From Their Development to Their Applications
Int J Mol Sci 2018, 19(1), 44

Chameettachal A., Pillai V.N., Ali L.M., Pitchai F.N.N., Ardah M.T., Mustafa F., Marquet R., Rizvi T.A.
Biochemical and Functional Characterization of Mouse Mammary Tumor Virus Full-Length Pr77Gag Expressed in Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Cells
Viruses 2018, 10(6), 334

Creugny A., Fender A., Pfeffer S.
Regulation of primary-microRNA processing
FEBS Lett 2018, 592(12), 1980-1996

D'Ascenzo L., Vicens Q., Auffinger P.
Identification of receptors for UNCG and GNRA Z-turns and their occurrence in rRNA
Nucleic Acids Res 2018, 46(15), 7989-7997

de Wijn R., Hennig O., Ernst F.G.M., Lorber B., Betat H., Mörl M., Sauter C.
Combining crystallogenesis methods to produce diffraction-quality crystals of a psychrophilic tRNA-maturation enzyme
Acta Crystallogr F Struct Biol Commun 2018, 74(Pt 11), 747-753

Dubois N., Khoo K. K., Ghossein S., Seissler T., Wolff P., McKinstry W. J., Mak J., Paillart J. C., Marquet R., Bernacchi S.
The C-terminal p6 domain of the HIV-1 Pr55Gag precursor is required for specific binding to the genomic RNA
RNA Biol 2018, 15(7), 923-936

Dubois N., Marquet R., Paillart J.C., Bernacchi S.
Retroviral RNA dimerization: from structure to functions
Front Microbiol 2018, 9, 527

El Meshri S.E., Boutant E., Mouhand A., Thomas A., Larue V., Richert L., Vivet-Boudou V., Mély Y., Tisné C., Muriaux D., de Rocquigny H.
The NC domain of HIV-1 Gag contributes to the interaction of Gag with TSG101
Biochim Biophys Acta-Gen Subj 2018, 1862(6), 1421-1431

Eriani G., Martin F.
START: STructure-Assisted RNA Translation
RNA Biol 2018, 15(9), 1250-1253

Ferhadian D., Contrant M., Printz-Schweigert A., Smyth R.P., Paillart J.C., Marquet R.
Structural and functional motifs in influenza virus RNAs
Front Microbiol 2018, 9, 599

Girardi E., López P., Pfeffer S.
On the Importance of Host MicroRNAs During Viral Infection
Front Genet 2018, 9, 439

González-Serrano L.E., Karim L., Pierre F., Schwenzer H., Rotig A., Munnich A., Sissler M.
Three human aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases have distinct sub-mitochondrial localizations that are unaffected by disease-associated mutations
J Biol Chem 2018, 293(35), 13604-13615

Gross L, Schaeffer L., Alghoul F., Hayek H., Allmang C., Eriani G., Martin F.
Tracking the m7G-cap during translation initiation by crosslinking methods
Methods 2018, 137, 3-10

Hemmer C., Djennane S., Ackerer L., Hleibieh K., Marmonier A., Gersch S., Garcia S., Vigne E., Komar V., Perrin M., Gertz C., Belval L., Berthold F., Monsion B., Schmitt-Keichinger C., Lemaire O., Lorber B., Gutiérrez C., Muyldermans S., Demangeat G., Ritzenthaler C.
Nanobody-mediated resistance to Grapevine fanleaf virus in plants
Plant Biotechnol J 2018, 16(2), 660-671

Hosseini M., Roy P., Sissler M., Zirbel C. L., Westhof E., Leontis N.
How to fold and protect mitochondrial ribosomal RNA with fewer guanines
Nucleic Acids Res 2018, , in press

Jackson C.B., Huemer M., Bolognini R., Martin F., Szinnai G., Donner B.C., Richter U., Battersby B.J., Nuoffer J.M., Suomalainen A., Schaller A.
A variant in MRPS14 (uS14m) causes perinatal hypertrophic cardiomyopathy with neonatal lactic acidosis, growth retardation, dysmorphic features and neurological involvement
Hum Mol Genet 2018, , in press

Jühling T., Duchardt-Ferner E., Bonin S., Wöhnert J., Pütz J., Florentz C., Betat H., Sauter C., Mörl M.
Small but large enough: structural properties of armless mitochondrial tRNAs from the nematode Romanomermis culicivorax
Nucleic Acids Res 2018, 46(17), 9170-9180

Keller P., Freund I., Marchand V., Bec G., Huang R., Motorin Y., Eigenbrod T., Dalpke A., Helm M.
Double methylation of tRNA-U54 to 2'-O-methylthymidine (Tm) synergistically decreases immune response by Toll-like receptor 7
Nucleic Acids Res 2018, 46(18), 9764-9775

Leonarski F., D'Ascenzo L., Auffinger P.
Nucleobase carbonyl groups are poor Mg2+ inner-sphere binders but excellent monovalent ion binders - A critical PDB survey
RNA 2018, , in press

Mailler E., Paillart J.C., Marquet R., Smyth R., Vivet-Boudou V.
The evolution of RNA structural probing methods: from gels to next generation sequencing
WIREs RNA 2018, , in press

Marek M., Shaik T.B., Heimburg T., Chakrabarti A., Lancelot J., Ramos Morales E., Da Veiga C., Kalinin D.V., Melesina J., Robaa D., Schmidtkunz K., Suzuki T., Holl R., Ennifar E., Pierce R., Jung M., Sippl W., Romier C.
Characterization of histone deacetylase 8 (HDAC8) selective inhibition reveals specific active site structural and functional determinants
J Med Chem 2018, , in press

Mustafa F., Vivet-Boudou V., Jabeen A., Ali L.M., Kalloush R.M., Marquet R., Rizvi T.A.
The bifurcated stem loop 4 (SL4) is crucial for efficient packaging of mouse mammary tumor virus (MMTV) genomic RNA
RNA Biol 2018, 15(8), 1047-1059

Pellegrino S., Demeshkina N., Mancera-Martinez E., Melnikov S., Simonetti A., Myasnikov A., Yusupov M., Yusupova G., Hashem Y.
Structural insights into the role of diphthamide on elongation factor 2 in messenger RNA reading frame maintenance
J Mol Biol 2018, 430(17), 2677-2687

Pitchai F.N.N., Ali L., Pillai V.N., Chameettachal A., Ashraf S.S., Mustafa F., Marquet R., Rizvi T.A.
Expression, purification, and characterization of biologically active full-length Mason-Pfizer monkey virus (MPMV) Pr78Gag
Sci Rep 2018, 8(1), 11793

Reinharz V., Soulé A., Westhof E., Waldispühl J., Denise A.
Mining for recurrent long-range interactions in RNA structures reveals embedded hierarchies in network families
Nucleic Acids Res 2018, 46(8), 3841-3851

Riley L.G., Heeney M.M., Rudinger-Thirion J., Frugier M., Campagna D.R., Zhou R., Hale G.A., Hilliard L.M., Kaplan J.A., Kwiatkowski J.L., Sieff C.A., Steensma D.P., Rennings A.J., Simons A., Schaap N., Roodenburg R.J., Kleefstra T., Arenillas L., Fita-Torró J., Ahmed R., Abboud M., Bechara E., Farah R., Tamminga R.Y., Bottomley S.S., Sanchez M., Swinkels D.W., Christodoulou J., Fleming M.D.
The phenotypic spectrum of germline YARS2 variants: from isolated sideroblastic anemia to mitochondrial myopathy, lactic acidosis and sideroblastic anemia 2
Haematologica 2018, , in press

Rozov A., Wolff P., Grosjean H., Yusupov M., Yusupova G., Westhof E.
Tautomeric G•U pairs within the molecular ribosomal grip and fidelity of decoding in bacteria
Nucleic Acids Res 2018, 46(14), 7425-7435

Sakamoto T., Ennifar E., Nakamura Y.
Thermodynamic study of aptamers binding to their target proteins
Biochimie 2018, 145, 91-97

Smyth R.P., Negroni M., Lever A.M., Mak J., Kenyon J.C.
RNA Structure-A Neglected Puppet Master for the Evolution of Virus and Host Immunity
Front Immunol 2018, 9, 2097

Smyth R.P., Smith M.R., Jousset A.C., Despons L., Laumond G., Decoville T., Cattenoz P., Moog C., Jossinet F., Mougel M., Paillart J.C., von Kleist M., Marquet R.
In cell mutational interference mapping experiment (in cell MIME) identifies the 5′ polyadenylation signal as a dual regulator of HIV-1 genomic RNA production and packaging
Nucleic Acids Res 2018, 46(8), 3841-3851

Stephen P., Ye S., Zhou M., Song J., Zhang R., Wang E.D., Giegé R., Lin S.X.
Structure of Escherichia coli Arginyl-tRNA Synthetase in Complex with tRNAArg: Pivotal Role of the D-loop
J Mol Biol 2018, 430(11), 1590-1606

Tabet R., Schaeffer L., Freyermuth F., Jambeau M., Workman M., Lee C.Z., Lin C.C., Jiang J., Jansen-West K., Abou-Hamdan H., Désaubry L., Gendron T., Petrucelli L., Martin F., Lagier-Tourenne C.
CUG initiation and frameshifting enable production of dipeptide repeat proteins from ALS/FTD C9ORF72 transcript
Nat Commun 2018, 9(1), 152

Tosar J.P., Gámbaro F., Darré L., Pantano S., Westhof E., Cayota A.
Dimerization confers increased stability to nucleases in 5' halves from glycine and glutamic acid tRNAs
Nucleic Acids Res 2018, 46(17), 9081-9093

Trachman R.J. 3rd, Abdolahzadeh A., Andreoni A., Cojocaru R., Knutson J.R., Ryckelynck M., Unrau P.J., Ferré-D'Amaré A.R.
Crystal Structures of the Mango-II RNA Aptamer Reveal Heterogeneous Fluorophore Binding and Guide Engineering of Variants with Improved Selectivity and Brightness
Biochemistry 2018, 57(26), 3544-3548