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Publications de l'ARN depuis 1992

Alsaleh G., Nehmar R., Blüml S., Schleiss C., Ostermann E., Dillenseger J.P., Sayeh A., Choquet P., Dembele D., Francois A., Salmon J.H., Paul N., Schabbauer G., Bierry G., Meyer A., Gottenberg J.E., Haas G., Pfeffer S., Vallat L., Sibilia J., Bahram S., Georgel P.
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Display of whole proteins on inner and outer surfaces of Grapevine fanleaf virus-like particles.
Plant Biotechnol J 2016, 14(12), 2288-2299

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Apicomplexa-specific tRip facilitates import of exogenous tRNAs into malaria parasites
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2016, 113(17), 4717-22

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Multianalytical Study of the Binding between a Small Chiral Molecule and a DNA Aptamer: Evidence for Asymmetric Steric Effect upon 3'- versus 5'-End Sequence Modification.
Anal Chem 2016, 88(23), 11963-11971

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A pseudouridylation switch in rRNA is implicated in ribosome function during the life cycle of Trypanosoma brucei.
Sci Rep 2016, 6, 25296

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Crystal structures of a group II intron lariat primed for reverse splicing.
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HIV-1 mutation and recombination rates are different in macrophages and T-cells
Viruses 2016, 8(4), 118

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RNA Biol 2016, 13(4), 373-90

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Translational regulation of APOBEC3G mRNA by Vif requires its 5′UTR and contributes to restoring HIV-1 infectivity
Sci Rep 2016, 6, 39507

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The expression of a viral microRNA is regulated by clustering to allow optimal B cell transformation.
Nucleic Acids Res 2016, 44(3), 1326-41

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RNA 2016, 22(6), 905-19

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Nat Struct Mol Biol 2016, 23(4), 309-16

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Various checkpoints prevent the synthesis of Staphylococcus aureus peptidoglycan hydrolase LytM in the stationary growth phase.
RNA Biol 2016, 13(4), 427-40

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Viruses 2016, 8(9), 248

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Nat Commun 2016, 7, 12622

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Transient compartmentalization of RNA replicators prevents extinction due to parasites.
Science 2016, 354(6317), 1293-1296

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PLoS One 2016, 11(2), e0148460

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Retrovirology 2016, 13(1), 54

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Nucleolin promotes heat shock-associated translation of VEGF-D to promote tumor lymphangiogenesis.
Cancer Res 2016, 76(15), 4394-405

Racine P.J., Chamontin C., de Rocquigny H., Bernacchi S., Paillart J.C., Mougel M.
Requirements for nucleocapsid-mediated regulation of reverse transcription during the late steps of HIV-1 assembly.
Sci Rep 2016, 6, 27536

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JIMD Rep 2016, 28, 49-57

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A step forward understanding HIV-1 diversity
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