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Structure et dynamique des machines biomoléculaires

Publications de l'équipe depuis 2016

D'Ascenzo L., Vicens Q., Auffinger P.
Identification of receptors for UNCG and GNRA Z-turns and their occurrence in rRNA
Nucleic Acids Res 2018, 46(15), 7989-7997

Dubois N., Khoo K. K., Ghossein S., Seissler T., Wolff P., McKinstry W. J., Mak J., Paillart J. C., Marquet R., Bernacchi S.
The C-terminal p6 domain of the HIV-1 Pr55Gag precursor is required for specific binding to the genomic RNA
RNA Biol 2018, 15(7), 923-936

Keller P., Freund I., Marchand V., Bec G., Huang R., Motorin Y., Eigenbrod T., Dalpke A., Helm M.
Double methylation of tRNA-U54 to 2'-O-methylthymidine (Tm) synergistically decreases immune response by Toll-like receptor 7
Nucleic Acids Res 2018, 46(18), 9764-9775

Marek M., Shaik T.B., Heimburg T., Chakrabarti A., Lancelot J., Ramos Morales E., Da Veiga C., Kalinin D.V., Melesina J., Robaa D., Schmidtkunz K., Suzuki T., Holl R., Ennifar E., Pierce R., Jung M., Sippl W., Romier C.
Characterization of histone deacetylase 8 (HDAC8) selective inhibition reveals specific active site structural and functional determinants
J Med Chem 2018, 61(22), 10000-10016

Pellegrino S., Demeshkina N., Mancera-Martinez E., Melnikov S., Simonetti A., Myasnikov A., Yusupov M., Yusupova G., Hashem Y.
Structural insights into the role of diphthamide on elongation factor 2 in messenger RNA reading frame maintenance
J Mol Biol 2018, 430(17), 2677-2687

Rozov A., Wolff P., Grosjean H., Yusupov M., Yusupova G., Westhof E.
Tautomeric G*U pairs within the molecular ribosomal grip and fidelity of decoding in bacteria
Nucleic Acids Res 2018, 46(14), 7425-7435

Sakamoto T., Ennifar E., Nakamura Y.
Thermodynamic study of aptamers binding to their target proteins
Biochimie 2018, 145, 91-97

André C., Martiel I., Wolff P., Landolfo M., Lorber B., Silva da Veiga C., Dejaegere A., Dumas P., Guichard G., Olieric V., Wagner J.G., Burnouf D.Y.
Interaction of a Model Peptide on Gram Negative and Gram Positive Bacterial Sliding Clamps
ACS Infect Dis 2019, 5(6), 1022-1034

Antoine L., Wolff P., Westhof E., Romby P., Marzi S.
Mapping post-transcriptional modifications in Staphylococcus aureus tRNAs by nanoLC/MSMS
Biochimie 2019, 164, 60-69

Chagot M.E., Quinternet M., Rothé B., Charpentier B., Coutant J., Manival X., Lebars I.
The yeast C/D box snoRNA U14 adopts a "weak" K-turn like conformation recognized by the Snu13 core protein in solution
Biochimie 2019, 164, 70-82

de Wijn R., Hennig O., Roche J., Engilberge S., Rollet K., Fernandez-Millan P., Brillet K., Betat H., Mörl M., Roussel A., Girard E., Mueller-Dieckmann C., Fox G.C., Olieric V., Gavira J.A., Lorber B., Sauter C.
A simple and versatile microfluidic device for efficient biomacromolecule crystallization and structural analysis by serial crystallography
IUCrJ 2019, 6(Pt 3), 454-464

Kruse H., Sponer J., Auffinger P.
Comment on "Evaluating Unexpectedly Short Non-covalent Distances in X-ray Crystal Structures of Proteins with Electronic Structure Analysis"
J Chem Inf Model 2019, 59(9), 3605-3608

Leonarski F., D'Ascenzo L., Auffinger P.
Nucleobase carbonyl groups are poor Mg2+ inner-sphere binders but excellent monovalent ion binders - A critical PDB survey
RNA 2019, 25(2), 173-192

Meyer B., da Veiga C., Dumas P., Ennifar E.
Thermodynamics of Molecular Machines Using Incremental ITC
Methods Mol Biol 2019, 1964, 129-140

Muñoz E., Sabin J., Rial J., Pérez D., Ennifar E., Dumas P., Piñeiro A.
Thermodynamic and Kinetic Analysis of Isothermal Titration Calorimetry Experiments by Using KinITC in AFFINImeter
Methods Mol Biol 2019, 1964, 225-239

Piñeiro Á., Muñoz E., Sabín J., Costas M., Bastos M., Velázquez-Campoy A., Garrido P.F., Dumas P., Ennifar E., García-Río L., Rial J., Pérez D., Fraga P., Rodríguez A., Cotelo C.
AFFINImeter: A software to analyze molecular recognition processes from experimental data
Anal Biochem 2019, 5(577), 117-134

Schenckbecher E., Meyer B., Ennifar E.
ITC Studies of Ribosome/Antibiotics Interactions
Methods Mol Biol 2019, 1964, 89-98

Vicens Q., Coumoul X., Souciet J.L.
A forum where french-speaking faculty can exchange research on teaching
Biochem Mol Biol Educ 2019, 47(5), 599-606

Vigouroux A., Aumont-Nicaise M., Boussac A., Marty L., Lo Bello L., Legrand P., Brillet K., Schalk I.J., Moréra S.
A unique ferrous iron binding mode is associated to large conformational changes for the transport protein FpvC of Pseudomonas aeruginosa
FEBS J 2019, , in press

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