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Urzhumtseva, L., Klaholz, B.P., Urzhumtsev, A. (2013) "On effective and optical resolution of diffraction data sets". Acta Cryst., D69, 1921-1934

The purpose of the program :

The program defines the effective resolution of a set of reflections whatever its completeness is.
By definition, the effective resolution d_effective coincides with the highest resolution, d_high, for any complete data set and is different (usually lower) for an incomplete data set.
For anisotropic data sets both the highest and the lowest resolutions, depending on the direction, are determined. The corresponding directions are also identified.
The program defines also the minimum and maximum optical resolution with the values of the amplitudes / intensities of these reflections

System requirements :

The basic version of the program was developed for Windows while it runs also under Linux and Mac OS.
The program can be run using independently installed Python ( starting from version 2.6), wxPython and Numpy libraries.
When GUI PHENIX is installed, one can also run the program typing a command:

No installation is required after is downloaded.

Download :

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